dandelionsBody shape can be closely linked to one’s self-worth and self-confidence. Individuals who are obese or overweight may experience depression, anxiety, low self-esteem and may be at a higher risk for stroke, heart attack, type II diabetes, and some types of cancer.

Cognitive Behavior Therapy can help obese or overweight individuals to achieve weight loss and improve self-confidence by identifying  self-defeating thoughts and replacing them with more constructive beliefs. Cognitive Behavior Therapy can also help clients to identify triggers of overeating and/or emotional eating as well as the underlying issues that may impede their ability to lose weight.The goal for Cognitive Behavior Therapy is to help clients to redefine what it means to be healthy and to live a healthy lifestyle that includes balance and moderation of food and exercise.

In addition to participating in therapy, I offer the unique opportunity to work collaboratively with a licensed personal trainer in order to teach clients realistic exercise programs. Together, we help our clients to learn how to implement long lasting physical, emotional, and behavioral changes in order to achieve and maintain a healthy weight.